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About imLab

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Welcome to Image Lab (imLab). The imLab at National Taiwan University (NTU) is dedicated to a wide range of research including image/video processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, multimedia technology, and human computer interaction.

Our Research

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We welcome the students and researchers who are interested in our research projects to work with us. If you are interested in doing research on virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive multimedia, computer vision, human computer interaction, health promotion activities (such as Tai-Chi-Chuan or Yoga) or any related research topics, please feel free to contact with Professor Yi-Ping Hung directly with email:

Contact us

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Administrator: Fanger Lin (林芳而)
Phone:+886-2-3366-4888 ext 226
Address: Department of computer science and information engineering, No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, 10617 Taiwan(R.O.C)