e-Fovea: Large-Scale and High-Resolution Monitoring System

Team Members

Kuan-Wen Chen, Chih-Wei Lin, Tzu-Hsuan Chiu, Mike Yen-Yang Chen, and Yi-Ping Hung


Large-scale and high-resolution monitoring systems are ideal for many visual surveillance applications. However, existing approaches have insufficient resolution and low frame rate per second, or have high complexity and cost. We take inspiration from the human visual system and propose a multi-resolution design, e-Fovea, which combines both multi-resolution camera input and multi-resolution steerable projector output to support large-scale and high-resolution visual monitoring. e-Fovea utilizes a design similar to the human eyes, which provides peripheral vision with a steerable fovea that is in higher resolution. e-Fovea is implemented using a steerable telephoto camera and a wide-angle camera. The telephoto image is displayed using a projector with a steerable mirror, and overlaid on the wide-angle image that is displayed using a second projector. We have to compare e-Fovea to two existing multi-resolution visual monitoring designs, Our e-Fovea design with steerable focus is significantly faster than existing approaches and preferred by users.