i-m-Top: Interactive Multi-resolution Tabletop Display

Team Members

Li-Wei Chan, Chuan-Heng Hsiao, Chun-Ko Hsieh, Yi-Ping Hung


We are highly interested in the interactive Tabletop research area and have conducted several related research work in the following:
(1) Interactive multi-resolution tabletop: In this work, we developed an innovative tabletop display system, called i-m-Top (interactive multi-resolution tabletop), featuring not only multi-touch, but also multiresolution display accommodating to the multi-resolution characteristics of human vision.
(2) To move or not to move: a comparison between steerable versus fixed focus region paradigms in multi-resolution tabletop display systems: This work aims to figure out whether the location of the high-resolution region should be fixed during the course of interaction as been done in existing systems. We developed a multi-resolution tabletop display system with a steerable high-resolution region to compare the performance between steerable and fixed high-resolution regions under different working scenarios. Empirical data demonstrates significant improvements for steerable condition.
(3) Enabling beyond-surface interactions for interactive surface with an invisible projection: This work presents a programmable infrared (IR) technique that utilizes invisible, programmable markers to support interaction beyond the surface of a diffused-illumination (DI) multi-touch system. The proposed techniques enable a collaborative multi-display multitouch tabletop system. We also present three interactive tools: i-m-View, i-m-Lamp, and i-m-Flashlight.
(4) Virtual Exhibition Using an Interactive Tabletop System for Chinese Paintings and Calligraphies: This application is featured with multiresolution and gigapixel photography technology, both of which are complementary to revealing tiny details to the level of brushes. Also, this research emphasizes on the opinions from various type of visitors, such as visitors who prefer to view original or real objects in a museum exhibition.