I am: The Interactive Wall Driven by Human Attention

Team Members

Shen-Chi Chen, Chih-Chuan Lai, He-Lin Luo, Chih-Wei Lin


2×4 meter interactive wall consists of 4×11 arrays of small screens presenting the continuous metamorphosis of “portraits”. When a participant is attracted by the brilliant variation of the portraits and sits on the chair with pressure sensor, his or her face will be captured into system and activate a series of interactive activities driven by human attention. The portrait being viewed will transform into the participant’s portrait captured earlier by the system to engage the participant into the work. There have been empirical evidences that the multimedia is effective to generate profound user experience in learning. The Diamond Sutra, one of the most classic Buddhist sutra, has been highly regarded as “Perfection of Wisdom” in many Asian countries. However, most people don’t understand the spiritual messages delivered from the Diamond Sutra because its structure is complicate and the literary language used in old China is too arduous to comprehend. Therefore, this work functions not only as a fascinating digital art exhibition but also generates a playful learning experience to plant seeds of inspiration in participants’ minds and enlighten them with the teaching of Diamond Sutra as they play. To fulfill the work, we integrate image processing, head pose estimation, pressure detection, human attention estimation, etc. to get more fun interactive experience. Since interaction driven by human attention is the most intuitive approach, participants can easily engage in the interactive art while enjoying a playful learning opportunity.

Smiling wall

Smile …… and others will return with smile.   

We all know this, but often forgot, especially when we are frustrated or angry. This interactive installation displays a 2D array of animated portraits waiting for your smiles.    After detecting your smile, the interactive wall will begin to project your smile to the one you pay attention to, which will then invoke the attention and smiles of all the other people on the display wall. There is really nobody outside of you. Everything you experience is created by your inner heart. As you see the Buddha within you, you will see the Buddha within all – it is the joy of compassion.

To implement the natural interaction between the audience and the display wall, we have integrated several state‐of the‐art image processing and analysis techniques in this interactive artwork, including face detection, smile detection, image morphing, and attention estimation.   



作品「微笑佛」為一大型互動裝置,創作緣由為有感於現今人們常在自己的周遭築起一道道的牆,但一個簡單的微笑就有可能可以喚醒我們心中的佛性並拆毀這些牆。此互動裝置顯示一個二維陣列的動態肖像,等待觀者的微笑。瞥見觀者的微笑之後,此互動顯示牆會將觀者的微笑投射到其所注視的肖像,接著引發所有其他肖像的注視與微笑─微笑具有感染力,而且會傳播出去。為了實現觀者與顯示牆之間的自然互動,作品整合多項最新的影像處理與分析技術,包括人臉偵測、微笑偵測、影像形變、人臉辨識、與注意力估測。 請坐到互動牆前感受一下你內在佛性的微笑以及其感染力!當你見到你內在的佛性,你也將見到所有眾生的佛性,相信應可為前來參與藝術節的當代藝術愛好人士帶來不同的感受。