Turning Rust into Gold: Mau-Kung Ting Multimedia System

Team Members

Chun-Ko Hsieh, Xin Tong, Yi-Ping Hung, Chia-Ping Chen, Liang-Chun Lin, Meng-Chieh Yu, Chu-Song Chen, Jiaping Wang


In this work, we combine the digital simulation de-weathering processes with human interactive interface using a breathing-based biofeedback for the signaling of the simulation process. A piece of invaluable artifact, the Mau Gong Ding, from National Palace Museum (NPM) has been chosen for this implementation. The majority working members of this project are those from our Lab, the Visual Computing and the Internet Graphics group of MSRA and National Palace Museum. Technology criteria and art ideas were exchanged between the interested groups. Hundreds of object movie images from the targeted artifact then have been acquired. A de-weathering technology developed by MSRA was chosen to conduct the revive-to-original process for the artifact. Finally, the resulted work had been exhibited at The Future Museum of Tao Yuan International Airport of Taiwan for one year.