On building a decompressive environment for rehabilitation of breast cancer patients

Team Members

Yong-Xiang Chen, Meng-Chieh Yu, Ja-Lin Liou, Huan Wu, Jian-Wen Ding, Li-Xiang Chen, Li-Erh Chang


In this research, we investigate both interactive multimedia technology and persuasive mobile computing for post-surgical rehabilitation and for encouraging healthy behavior of patients in their daily life. A novel interactive multimedia-enhanced space called “i-m-Space” (Interactive Multimedia-enhanced Space) has been designed and implemented, where the program includes “Instruction of Abdominal Breathing”, “Interaction with Chinese Painting”, “Journey into the Sky”, “Bubble Coach”, “Nemo Waving”, and “Block Breaking”. This space has been experienced by more than 50 post-surgical breast cancer patients and received very positive response. In addition to the physical space for rehabilitation and decompression, we have also developed a mobile application to help establishing patients’ social network for mutual encouragement. This software application has been tested by more than 5,000 users, including seven post-surgical breast cancer patients. The result of the preliminary experiment is very encouraging.