Tai-Chi Chuan Project

Team Members

Ping-Hsuan Han, Guan-Xiang Chen, Chen-Hsin Hsieh, Kuan-Ying Lu, Yu-Jie Huang, Tian-Yi Shen, Szu-Chieh Wang and Yi-Ping Hung


Tai Chi (TC) is a famous physical activity in martial arts, and it can also be an exercise in daily life. In the traditional way of learning TC, trainees will follow the master who demonstrates the moves in the classroom. The concept of proper weight-transfer is always emphasized in practice TC exercise. Usually, the master of TC has lots of trainees to take care of in the classroom. Those trainees not only has different learning progress, but also across all ages. Without any master instruction or supervision, it is very easy to do the wrong posture or movement when trainees doing their practice, especially, the weight-transfer in the moves procedure. When standing on the ground with feet, the different posture will change the body weight center. In fact, the complete moves consists of correct posture, movement and weight- transfer. Therefore, weight-transfer learning should be accompanied with body movement training. In this research, we consulted TC experts and proposed a physical training system for TC, which captures users’ 3D movements by a Microsoft Kinect, plantar pressure distribution (PPD) that pressures sensing shoes and smart bands. Then, various feedbacks were given, such as sensors’ visualized information, guidance hints, and summary feedback with a record review browser. Finally, our system provides multiple stages for gradual learning.